Indi Faulkner – Weirdo

Indi Faulkner – Weirdo

Music connects most when an artist gives their all to the music. Not only in effort, but when you hear them being putting their real emotion in the music, as they bare themselves to the world. Those type of records are timeless because, even as trendy as music can be, the emotion of it is something that lasts forever, and they’re for the people when they need something to connect to. The new song from Indi Faulkner titled “Weirdo” is one of those timeless records.

Indi Faulkner brings a brilliant energetic indie rock sound on the new song “Weirdo”. Her energy resonates immediately, as she gives the listener a sound they can feel with an incredible tone in the vocals that does wonders to the soul, as well as being a match made in heaven with the production that shines bright in its creativity as well. As you get lost in the music you get to catch the writing, that is incredible in it’s approach as you get a chance to hear her figure it out, like we all are to truly make it a piece of art that can resonate with the masses.

Indi Faulkner’s “Weirdo” is that music that gives us the fresh reminder on why we fell in love it all. It’s that music packed with innovative good vibes, that you feel to keep you going when you need to hear it most. It excels musically in every way from the production, writing, and vocals, but even more it feels real with a special touch to the music that will keep you coming back for more.

Check out Indi Faulkner “Weirdo” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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