Album Spotlight: Parris LaVon – WINTER IV

Album Spotlight: Parris LaVon – WINTER IV

In a time where there is no shortage of new music, as well as new competing artists everything feels like it just comes and go. For an artist to truly connect they have to bring something real to the table. Something that makes you connect to them on an emotional level as you vibe to the music in its totality. An artist that puts their heart in their music is Parris LaVon. Since we first featured him on the site his career and artistry has grown exponentially and with his new project “WINTER IV” he cant be stopped.

He brings an eight track, 30 minute project life that shows how much he’s grown and how far he has come. He wastes no time grabbing you into the vision with the opener “SCARY SCENE” being some of his most poignant work. Bringing so much truth in the lyrical substance, while rapping with so much heart to the point he sounds like he’s trying to save a life, as he goes for gold to set the ultimate tone. To push things forward you get a record like “N*ggas Talk” featuring HiLevel Tay, that sounds like he cant be stopped, with his knack for creating celebratory anthems being on full display to make for an exciting listen.

As much as he’s known for high energy anthems he’s able to show a high lev low vulnerability and soul when needed with songs like “Deja Vu” and “WEAK” being able to slow things down, to let you really marvel at his pen that is fearless and brings a great level of transparency that is necessary to make you feel closer to the artistry, to make a true experience like no other.

Parris LaVon is an artist that is hear to stay, as well as take over the world with the total package of star power that you look for in a Hip Hop star, hitting every mark in a truly stellar way to keep us all invested in the genre, and the promise of this major talent who keeps getting better with time.

Check out Parris LaVon “WINTER IV” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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