Otis Fonde – Made Up My Mind

Otis Fonde – Made Up My Mind

Something that cant be denied in music is a song with the right vibes. Those infectious record that have the right sound, accompanied with the perfect words, and a great presence to the flow that lets you buy into the music, as well as the person behind it. That experience always makes for something exciting worth coming back to enjoy the thrill of it all and Otis Fonde delivers that for the world on a silver platter with his new must hear record “Made Up My Mind”.

Otis Fonde brings an undeniable approach to the music that makes you buy in instantly on his new song “Made Up My Mind”. As soon as you hit play you know you are in for something special, with a strong Hip Hop sound that is engaging with the right amount of bounce to it that he takes over perfectly. He brings nice swagger in his approach with a slick rhyme style, that makes his delivery effortless and his words come to life carrying much bravado and substance to make a truly complete record.

Otis Fonde’s “Made Up My Mind” is an ultimate bop that is right on time to make fans of us all. It’s masterful in its sound and also showcases him as the stand out talent he is, with every facet of his skills being on full bloom from the strong songwriting, vocal presence, and the charisma you must buy into being worthy of all of our attention.

Check out Otis Fonde “Made Up My Mind” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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