SG5 – Firetruck

SG5 – Firetruck

Music is something that no one can deny how subjective it is. An art that everyone can hear the same song yet have a different opinion, but some songs stands out beyond that. Those records that truly give you everything from a big time sound in the production that you can’t deny, brilliant songwriting, and a presence to the vocals that makes you feel it all to that special level. Those songs can never be denied and SG5 brings one of those records on the new song “Firetruck”.

SG5 brings an out of this world sound that captivates the listener on the new song “Firetruck”. The music truly packs power, with a force to it that grabs you instantly as the music takes form right before us. It builds perfectly through out with a major pop sound that knocks, that builds perfectly throughout to make music like no other. With this big sound, you get a big vocal performance that rises to the occasion to deliver the writing with infectious charisma to give you a perfect record if there ever was one.

SG5’s “Firetruck” is a record that showcases how amazing music canstill be , while also having real mass appeal to it, to help it transcends cultures for people all over the world to agree on the magic of this one special sound that is ready for the world.

Check out SG5 “Firetruck” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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