Samara Cyn – Auto-Pilot

Samara Cyn – Auto-Pilot

Music always has a real of connecting when you feel the soul in it. Especially a genre like Hip hop that has gone far beyond a musical style but a way of life, that is all about keeping it real. Being founded on authenticity its important for an artist to have an energy them to that resonates at a high level and Samara Cyn has that energy and offers so much more on her new song “Auto-Pilot”.

Samara Cyn brings a chilled trill sound to vibe to on his new song “Auto-Pilot”. The production sets the ultimate tone for us to slow down and feel the soul in the sound, that she brings to life. Taking advantage of having the listener’s ear, she maneuvers through the record with a poetic melodic flow that is masterful in its approach to deliver with major conviction. Not only marveling in the flow she shines lyrically with supreme focus and depth to the substance that takes us on a journey worth going on.

Samara Cyn’s “Auto-Pilot” is a vibe of a record that gets better with every listen. It takes you back to the days of throwing on your headphones and getting lost in the experience of the music to make fans of us all. If you love good music that you can feel, you will love everything that this record has to offer which is a whole lot.

Check out Samara Cyn “Auto-Pilot” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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