billy x guapdad4000 – Control

billy x guapdad4000 – Control

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a good week and ready for a great weekend. To get the weekend started right, you know we always bring those undeniable hits, that we know defy preference. Those records that exude excellence for every second, and what exudes excellence likebilly on his new song “Control” featuring guapdad4000.

A must hear R&B sound is what you get from this new impressive release from billy and guapdad4000 on the new song “Control”. The music captures the magic of classics people go back to, with a fresh approach that makes it enjoyable. His presence is felt majorly with a vocal tone rooted in soul, to make the music felt, while he delivers the writing perfection to make musical magic, that you must be apart of. This all takes place over a smooth production that they float over, with a rap verse from guapdad to take things over the top.

This is an instant classic that one play won’t be enough for you. In a time where music can be generic, They bring an authentic musical experience that is refreshing to hear, as well as great music to get lost in. It excels in every category of record making, from the super smooth production, amazing writing you can feel, and a vocal performance that melts you with every note.

Check out billy and guapdad4000 “Control” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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