Music can be exciting for many different reasons, but nothing is more exciting than an artist not being shy in their ambitions to let their presence be felt. That infectious charisma to their approach that makes you buy in as you hear the music, and feel their energy to a high level that makes you marvel at their work. That’s what you get and more from YBN LU on his new song “DETROIT FREESTYLE”.

YBN LU makes a Spanglish smash that is on fire on the new song “DETROIT FREESTYLE”. The production captures a great Detroit sound with engaging 808’s and sample work, that gives it that knock you cant deny. His flow is unapologetically bold and strong, as he doesn’t hesitate for a second to let his swagger, flex on all of us for this action packed record. It not only shines in the production and flow approach but lyrically its supreme, with hard rhyming to make this a record that doesn’t slack or miss in any area.

YBN LU’s “DETROIT FREESTYLE” is brilliant in its approach as it masters the art of showing high skill, while still being digestible for the masses. He dives deep to let all of his talents shine righteously and has a sound that will make you a fan instantly that will get him very far in this game.

Check out YBN LU “DETROIT FREESTYLE” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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