Far West – Mend

Far West – Mend

The feeling of bliss that music can create is unmatched. That music you can hit play on and all of your problems go away as you get lost in the sound. That music is what being a fan of music is all about, with that special connection the music can have with the listener being on full bloom. That type of music is what you get and love from Far West on the new song “Mend”.

Far West bring an incredible synth sound that leaves earth on the new song “Mend”. The production sets a brilliant tone with dreamy touch to the music, that sounds like a new world you can’t wait to discover. Once the tone is set the vocals take over, with a masterful display that you feel in your spirit as each note, feels just as good as the last to deliver the impressive writing to make it a must hear bop.

Far West’s “Mend” is that fresh music that will keep you coming back for more every time. The feeling that music gives is what will keep you listening, with so much magic to it that one listen could never be enough and keep you running to it for time to come.

Check out Far West “Mend” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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