Cherise – Secrets

Cherise – Secrets

There’s something special about a record that you can feel. A record you can hit play on and instantly feel the energy of the music resonating with yours, as the music takes control of you and you feel it all. A genre that has always captured this magic is R&B music. A style of music that is known for its soulful connection with the listener and Cherise embodies this perfectly with her new song “Secrets.

Cherise brings a beautiful work of art that vibes to give the listener something sweet on the new song “Secrets”. As soon as you hit play you feel the magic in the sound take form, with each melody hitting the spirit to make you feel something that goes beyond your regular listening experience to something very ultra. Her singing is brilliant at delivering the vocals with great emotion to make it all take form perfectly, to make you enjoy every aspect of the music in real time.

Cherise’s “Secrets” is a record that can be described in many words as something great, but simply put its just something that feels good. Good to the point you have to keep coming back for more, with a blissful energy to the music that makes you stop everything you’re doing to just be a fan of the work of art that she’s gift to us all.

Check out Cherise “Secrets” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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