Music has long been guide for the listener to help get them through. Bringing substance to the records that are filled with gems and life lessons, that gives the listener what they need to hear during trying times. Those songs are always something people close to them, with serving as inspiration to keep going, and PETER ACE brings one of those records on the new song “MAKE IT HAPPEN”.

PETER ACE brings a creative patriotic anthem to the word on his new song “MAKE IT HAPPEN”. He sings with so much heart and you feel it as such, as his vision comes to life over this creative sound that encompasses his wide array of musical talent to make one innovative sound. As you are able to enjoy the sound and all its glory, you get to take in the righteous writing that sounds like a call to action with lyrics like “Its time to win this fight, its time to do what’s right we cant let this go on, because tyranny is wrong , one nation under God” to make us all connect to this record with divine timing.

PETER ACE’s “MAKE IT HAPPEN” is an incredible release that is a fresh reminder of how great music can be when an artist ears to let this creativity shine, as well as use their time to pour into the listener. Its has a timeless approach to the music that you feel in your soul, with a powerful message that will last the times due to the care and substance to the music that we will be able to come to when we need to hear it most.

Check out PETER ACE “MAKE IT HAPPEN” below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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