Novac Bull – Mary Ann

Novac Bull – Mary Ann

One of the most special things to witness in music is what an artist does with their canvas. Being able to approach a record and decide what vision and message they will bring to life, to give to the world. Especially present day when there are so many competing records, it makes it even more crucial to deliver something that gives the listener something more than they came with, and Novac Bull uses her time to deliver the ultimate tribute on her new song “Mary Ann”.

Novac Bull delivers the perfect ode to strong Indigenous woman “Mary Ann”. She marvels at bringing real heartfelt emotion to the music, with her warm breezy vocals gliding through the brilliantly placed acoustic guitar melodies, matched with piano chords to a true connection with the listener to make it all that much more real to consume. With the mastery in the sound and vocals shining through you’re able to enjoy the writing even more that eloquently celebrates her extraordinary life and makes us all feel closer to the woman that inspired this must hear record.

The reasons to love this new release are infinite with a master class of musicianship working its magic to make something sonically stellar, that sounds sweet to the ears but what makes this record truly special and timeless is the pure soul put into the music, to show the powerful tool music can be when an artist goes beyond the status quo to make real heartfelt music that people can make a true connection with.

Check out Novac Bull “Mary Ann” below and connect with her on Facebook. Stay Global my Friends!

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