S3LIM x Lil Cobaine – Show Girl

S3LIM x Lil Cobaine – Show Girl

Now more than ever it’s important for you to be able to feel the music. In a time where there is no shortage of artist releasing quality music, its important to not only make music that shines in its quality but also be something that people can connect to beyond sound, to make people real fans of the work. That type of music is what you get from this must hear collaboration between S3LIM and Lil Cobaine called “Show Girl”.

S3LIM and Lil Cobaine come together to make a modern punk anthem on the new song “Show Girl”. The music does a great job of genre bending bringing you a great Alternative Punk sound with a nice touch of Hip Hop to make one major sound that vibes to the fullest. As you get swept in the waves of the sound you get to take in the vocals that bring great raw emotion to make you connect with the music even more, as the music comes to life in a real way to make it a record that is able to stand out and be felt in every way.

S3LIM and Lil Cobaine’s “Show Girl” is an experience that you must be apart of with the emotive touch to the music making its mark on the listener in a real way. Its the type of record you hit play on and let the music do its work, with everything being done in supreme fashion to make for a major listen like no other that you feel every intricacy of to keep you coming back for more.

Check out S3LIM and Lil Cobaine “Show Girl” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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