Rebecca Lappa – Blue Lips

Rebecca Lappa – Blue Lips

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready to have an even better weekend. Fridays are always exciting days for music fans everywhere as we get exposed to so much music from established talent, as well as fresh artists all releasing to make their mark on us all. We try our best to sort through it all and showcase music that just shines in its excellence and to start things off we have to bring you Rebecca Lappa’s new song “Blue Lips”.

Rebecca Lappa brings a brilliant indie pop sound to life on the new song “Blue Lips”. The song marvels in many ways with one of its best attributes being the writing. In a time where the importance of words can be lost in the vibe of a record, this one shines in its articulation to bring this movie vision to life. Shining not only lyrically her vocal performance is masterful at conveying the right amount of emotion at every turn to make it all felt that much more, to make a record you can truly connect to in every way.

Rebecca Lappa’s “Blue Lips” is a must hear body of work that does everything right to give us that more that music fans are looking for. You hear the record and can hear the master class of musicianship shine through, while also having music that you can make a true emotional connection with to make it a timeless listen you will want to keep coming back for more for time to come.

Check out Rebecca Lappa “Blue Lips” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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