Agustina Canales – TRAPPIN

Agustina Canales – TRAPPIN

There’s no denying how tough it is for a song to stand out present day. So many styles from every genre releasing daily to have something that can fit any taste, a record has to truly be remarkable and give you something special. A quality to them that juts makes you buy in and Agustina Canales has that and much more on the new song “TRAPPIN”.

Agustina Canales truly does it all on her new song “TRAPPIN”. She has incredible lyricism and flow that grabs you immediately,  giving you amazing talent from start to finish. Agustina just has a style that is infectious and grabs you instantly, as she flexes all over this Reggaeton and Trap infused production, with that nice bounce to make you move while she puts on a bilingual master class of next level rapping. 

Agustina Canales “TRAPPIN” is the perfect song to get you moving and get you energized as she gives you excitement in every bar with lines packed with punch and flavor. She crafts together a masterpiece showing she’s great at every facet of Hip Hop. The flow is high powered and focused, her pen is sharp, and her delivery is beyond her counterparts that make her a true standout.

Check out Agustina Canales “TRAPPIN” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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