Moonchild – The List (Acoustic)

Moonchild – The List (Acoustic)

The magic of an acoustic sound is you get to hear everything. Being able to get an experience of music that lets you connect to the writing, and vocals in a way to let the authenticity of the sound flourish. That intimate experience that the music is able to make with that approach its like no tiger, as you get to feel the soul of the music to the fullest. That approach is on full bloom for us to enjoy from Moonchild with their new acoustic release of their song “The List”

Moonchild brings an audio master class you feel in your soul on the new song “The List”. The acoustic soul approach to the sound, sets the tone perfectly for the writing and vocals to flourish. With the tone set you are able to get swept up in the waves of the vocals that are truly masterful at bringing the vulnerability necessary with a warm tone, to make the heartfelt lyrics felt, on this song that will have you in you stuck in amazement for every second it offers.

Moonchild’s “The List” is a record that stands true with the listener due to the heart put in the music, to make it realer than ever. The authenticity in the sound shines to the fullest, with you being able to focus on each aspect of the song and enjoy it to the fullest, on this stand out record that shows the magic music can have when you feel it.

Check out Moonchild “The List” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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