Cash Sinatra – No Face

Cash Sinatra – No Face

Something that is important us is our purpose. Our why for what we do. When this started it was meant to be platform that showcased artist who we thought were dope. Artist who are talented that saw our platform and thought that we would be the perfect fit for their work. At times it’s easy to get sidetracked from that point, or take it for granted but an artist like Cash Sinatra always gives us that fresh reminder, of the fanhood that keeps this thing going. With his latest release “No Face” he gives us all we could want and more.

Cash Sinatra brings his signature cool sound to the forefront with his latest release “No Face”. The smooth vibe in the production sets the ultimate tone with smooth percussion and horns, that is match made in heaven with Cash’s flow, that is right on the money as it floats and glides through it all with ease. With his impressive flow you get even better rhymes that are poetic in their approach, to bring the fun social media themed lyrics to life.

Cash Sinatra’s “No Face” is that must hear music that you can let play and be a fan of the artistry. It’s that amazing music that sounds good and also feels good so much flex to the approach, that you take on the cool that delivers for the world to buy into and enjoy for this rising star that doesn’t miss.

Check out Cash Sinatra “No Face” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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