Binta – Do You Wanna

Binta – Do You Wanna

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to start off the week strong. Mondays can really be a drag and we try our best to bring the perfect pick me up through the content we share on here to help kick things off right, as well as set the tone for the week we hope to have. To start off this week we have to bring you this new smash from Binta called “Do You Wanna”.

Binta brings an infectious fresh sound you will love every second of on the new song “Do You Wanna”. The creativity in the approach shines to the fullest with a great genre bending sound that blends Pop, R&B, with a nice dash pop breakbeat to make you get lost in the magic of the music. As the music vibes you get to take in her sweet vocal performance that melts you with its tone, to make you take in the writing righteously to make you a fan more and more as the music flows to perfection.

Everything you hope to hear when listening to something new is what “Do You Wanna” gives you and so much more. The song shines musically with every part being done at high level to make on cohesive masterpiece, while also feeling so good to hear you cant help but keep listening to this record that is enjoyable in every way.

Check out Binta “Do You Wanna” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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