King Stoneyy – Throne Talk

King Stoneyy – Throne Talk

For a song to grab you it has to be engaging. A record with elements to the music that makes it stand out to you to the point, you willingly sign up for the experience that it brings you. When an artist brings a song like that it makes them stick with you, and King Stoneyy is surely an artist who will with his new song “Throne Talk”.

King Stoneyy lives up to the title in a major way on the new song “Throne Talk”. The song wastes little time getting you invested, with a hard sound packed with horns and knocking 808’s that serves as the perfect spring board for his vision to come to life. Matching the sound he brings a commanding approach to the flow that oozes bravado that you buy into and makes you feel the swagger in the writing that is unapologetic in its approach to make a record thats truly impossible to ignore.

King Stoneyy’s “Throne Talk” is a work of art that delivers in the audio and visuals to make you keep coming back for me. It’s music that people want to hear with a hard sound, that shines to the fullest and does everything right musically to put the culture on notice of this must hear artist set to break through.

Check out King Stoneyy “Throne Talk” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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