Julez – Lose CTRL

Julez – Lose CTRL

There’s no denying how important the vibe of a record is present day. Being in a time where people are more focused on the way the music feels and sounds, than the content that is in the music. So much so that it can be easy to forget how great it is hear a well written song. A song filled with great substance in the lyrics that you connect to in a real way. Julez delivers that fresh reminder for us all on her new song “Lose CTRL”.

Julez brings a masterful record that does everything right to give us more on the new song “Lose CTRL”. On the surface you get a fresh Pop sound that is layered in danceable grooves, with a breeze to the music that feels good to hear, as well as packs mainstream appeal to make it digestible but once you listen you get so much more. As the music flows the writing comes to life just right with Julez vocals being smooth in its tone, as well as having a nice touch of emotion to it to let you hear the substance in the music on love, that makes it more relatable than ever.

Julez “Lose CTRL” is a stellar display of music that is right on time to give the people something special to buy into. Her presence is felt in every way, as she delivers in every facet of the record to make a record that shines above the usual, but also give the listener an experience worth coming back to due to the magic in the music that works in perfect harmony to make one amazing sound.

Check out Julez “Lose CTRL” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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