Mikey Barrenche – Bussin

Mikey Barrenche – Bussin

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone is having a great day and ready to have an even better weekend. To start off the weekend we try to bring the best releases we can that just embody the excellence we hope to bring to you with every post. We are only able to achieve by amazing artist being gracious enough to share their work with us and Mikey Barrenche has one of this records with the new song “Bussin”.

Mikey Barrenche delivers in a major way on the new song “Bussin”. As soon as you hit play you get something exciting with high energy vocal samples and infectious rhythms in the music that get things pumping and make you want to move as soon as you hear it. Everything works in perfect harmony to make one major sound, with the danceable grooves bringing the party right to you, as this record shines bright in every way to keep us invested in this must hear jam.

If you love good music you will love everything this record has to offer. Its a record that you just hit play on and get swept up in the waves of the music, with the music sounding good but feeling so much better to hear, to the point you cant help but become a fan of this musical vision brought to life to make the world that much better to be apart of.

Check out Mikey Barrenche “Bussin” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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