Mark Hamilton – Birds & The Bees

Mark Hamilton – Birds & The Bees

One of the easiest records to get in to is a long that feels good to hear. Hitting play on a record and feeling the bright energy of it that it picks you up, and brings a glow to your life that shines to the fullest. When a song feels good to hear it’s a song you cant help but keep listening to and thats what Mark Hamilton brings on the new song “Birds & The Bees”.

Mark Hamilton brings a brilliant classic Rock sound to make magic own the new song “Birds & The Bees”. The vibrant energy of the music catches you instantly, with a retro feel that feels familiar yet so new and matches perfectly with the high energy with Mark’s vocals, that shines with the charisma of stars. The song doesn’t stop marveling there with impressive writing that brings it all home and bring the love to the music thats just in time for the day of lovers.

If you’re looking for a fun record to buy into then “Birds & The Bees” is a record that will get the job done for you in real way. Its an easy listening record with everything being done to such a masterful level, that all you have to do it just listen to the music and let the magic of it all take over you.

Check out Mark Hamilton “Birds & The Bees” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends

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