Aayanna – Kill For Me

Aayanna – Kill For Me

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend and ready to bring in the week strong. To start off the week we always try to bring those releases that shine in their excellence to help set the perfect tone, for the week we hope to have, as well help you all start things off as best as possible. To kick things off this week its our pleasure to bring you Aayanna’s “Kill For Me”.

Aayanna brings the perfect ride or die anthem just in time with her new song “Kill For Me”. The record has many enticing elements that work together in perfect harmony to bring this vision to life, and keep things engaging from start to finish. You feel the music instantly with a great smooth dreamy sound that Ayanna’s vocal melt into so effortlessly, while delivering the lyrics that shine in their articulation especially in the chorus that makes it a sure hit for the world to enjoy.

Aayanna’s “Kill For Me” is a record that delivers in the audio and even more in this visuals to make a sure experience of music, you will keep coming back to. She stands out like a true star on this supreme release with a mastery and charisma in her approach that makes her style infectious and must here, with this latest release being a true testament to her amazing talent.

Check out Aayanna “Kill For Me” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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