Charles Hussle x 00Dougie – Women With Beauty Marks

Charles Hussle x 00Dougie – Women With Beauty Marks

There is nothing more subjective than the art from Hip Hop. Truly an art where two people can hear the same song and have completely two different opinions. As subjective as Hip Hop is some music is just undeniable and fun to enjoy. Charles Hussle is one of those undeniable talents with his new song “Women With Beauty Marks” featuring 00Dougie.

Charles Hussle comes together with 00Dougie to bring an incredible sound that cant be denied on the new song “Women With Beauty Marks”. The artistry and presence on the track is the stuff of legends, as they carry this track masterfully with high energy vocals full of charisma, and lyrics that makes their pen respectable. They shine tremendously at making an engaging body of work that makes people buy into the music, as well as the artists with everything clicking to a supreme level to keep us listening.

Charles Hussle has a lot to offer to the world and “Women With Beauty Marks” is a shining example of that. The talent shines through and meets the standard of all criteria from lyrics, flow, and production that makes him a true standout, that represent the culture to the fullest!

Check out Charles Hussle featuring 00Dougie “Women With Beauty Marks” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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