212 Laurent – Upset

212 Laurent – Upset

The thing with a truly great record is that it cant be denied. As subjective as the art of music is, theres no denying when a song just has the something special to it, that makes it stand out and impossible to ignore. Those records are what keep things exciting for us as fans, with us getting a chance to be made a fan of an artist’s work, and with 212 Laurent’s new song “Upset” we know anyone who listens will leave being amazed.

212 Laurent brings a record that shines to the fullest in every way on the new song “Upset”. As soon as you hit play he has you, with a strong sound in the production that knocks to the fullest as the pumping 808’s push things forward to get us engaged in the tone set. Taking advantage of it all he brilliantly puts it all together righteously with a major hook that thrives in it catchiness, and taking it another level in the lyrically sharp verses that are delivered with his masterful charisma to make you buy into everything he’s bringing to the world.

Music is always about the next star and 212 Laurent is truly shining like that next big thing. He has the perfect sound to pull it off, with the high energy of it all being so infectious you love the way the music feels, just as much as you like the way it sounds to bring us all in this this exciting world he creates through song, on some of his finest work to date.

Check out 212 Laurent “Upset” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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