Butterfly Black – Lifetime

Butterfly Black – Lifetime

There’s more music out than ever. So many songs coming out daily that music can sometimes lose its magic, just because of how accessible it is. For a song to stand out now it just has to be something truly special, that shines above the rest to the point you hear it and know this supreme. That type of music doesn’t come often but when it does you have to acknowledge the beauty of it all, and thats what you get from Butterfly Black on the new song “Lifetime”.

Butterfly Black marvels in every way to make a love song just in time on the new song “Lifetime”. The soul in the sound catches you immediately with smooth grooves and chords that set a brilliant tone for the artistry that comes to life. As the music flows so does the vocals that bring a warm tone that melts you with every note, as you feel the love in the writing resonate to the fullest to make a record that just feels so good to hear.

The magic that makes you a lifetime fan of a record and artist alike is what you get on “Lifetime”. Its a record impossible not to fall in love with, with every aspect of the record working in perfect harmony to make one stellar work of art, that one listen will never be enough for.

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