Fly Anakin x Foisey – Outsidigan’s Anthem

Fly Anakin x Foisey – Outsidigan’s Anthem

Happy Friday!! Hope everyone had a great week and ready to have an even better weekend. For us Fridays are always exciting since so many releases come out to make fans of us all. With so much music its tough to know what releases are worth our time and we try to do our best to help you sort that out with bringing only quality releases, and this new release from Fly Anakin called “Outsidigan’s Anthem” is one of those records.

Fly Anakin continues to impress with his new stand out song “Outsidigan’s Anthem”. The music has a smoothness that cant be denied, with a cool to the production courtesy of Foisey being brought to life with horn samples, rocking percussion that makes you vibe instantly. While the music does it’s part Anakin serves as the perfect emcee for this vision with so much poise and presence to his approach that he maneuvers through it all effortlessly, while letting his impressive pen paint the picture like the artist he truly is.

If you’re looking for a super dope artist to buy into Fly Anakin gets the job done for you in every way, with his latest release being a loud statement for the world to pay attention to. Its a record you can hit play on and enjoy being a fan of with the mastery in the record being undeniable to make a song full of replay value to keep coming back to.

Check out Fly Anakin “Outsidigan’s Anthem” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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