foxxdye – change

foxxdye – change

Music that lasts with you is music that you can feel. That music that is honest and real in its approach that you feel the authenticity in the music, as you buy into the artist. An artist is that is daring enough to bare themselves to the world, will always be an artist that will go far, and the sky is truly the limit for foxxdye on their new song “change”.

The perfect ode to the growing pains of adulting is what you get from foxxdye on the new song “change”. They display emotion in a genius way, with them mastering the art of tone with him delivering each word just right to make it all land home. The writing is super relatable and strong in the verses while also being matched with a strong chorus to make it all complete. This all takes place over a great Pop Rock production that sets an amazing tone and progresses to perfection with each groove feeling just as god as the next.

This is not only an impressive record, but a modern day masterpiece that connects in a way most songs don’t. He lays it all out there in the music, and it resonates to perfection to make every moving aspect of the song enjoyable for every second. This a must hear record from a must hear trio, that anyone who enjoys good music can eel the magic of.

Check out foxxdye “change” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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