mattisnotfamous – girls don’t like me when i cry

mattisnotfamous – girls don’t like me when i cry

The magic in the music shines when it’s creative. When you hear the record and it embodies everything it is to hear a new song, with a fresh approach to the music that every element to the sound work in perfect harmony to make something, that stands out as you discover something fun to dive into. That creativity in music is what makes you have to come to an artist, as they bring a sound you can only get from them and thats what you get from mattisnotfamous on the new song “girls dont like me when i cry”.

An out of this world hyperpop sound is what you get from mattisnoatfamous on the new song “girls dont like me when i cry”. The music is truly captivating with a big time emotive approach to the music, that takes you on a wild ride full you don’t want to miss. The progressions in the record, is one of it’s best aspect with each passing second getting more and more exciting then the next, to make it a record filled with innovative production, heartfelt lyrics, and fierce vocals to make a true standout.

This fresh release embodies everything it is that makes music great. It’s music that doesn’t try to fit into any box, and lets the great ideas flow as they come, with an unmatched quality to the music that makes it something beyond words. Anyone who loves creative good music will be able to appreciate everything about this new record, from this supreme creative.

Check out mattisnotfamous “girls dont like me when i cry” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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