Thomas Tempest – London Calling

Thomas Tempest – London Calling

Happy Tuesday!!! Hope everyone is having a great start to the week and ready to keep the momentum going. To start off the week we always try to make sure we bring those releases that just exude the excellence we hope to showcase. Since we didn’t bring any content on Monday it was a must we step it up for today ,and thats what he have done thanks to the new release “London Calling” by Thomas Tempest.

Thomas Tempest brings a soulful lo fi sound to life on his new song “London Calling”. The record embodies everything that Hip Hop is known for, bringing an authenticity to the sound with great percussion matched with melancholy keys, and sax melodies to make one sonically pleasing sound. As the music flows you get lost in it, being able to just throw your headphones and dream to this record that you hope never ends.

Thomas Tempest’s “London Calling” is a true experience of music that one listen will not cut it for. As soon as you hear it, you feel the music to your core with the soul being put into the sound working wonders, to stop time for us all to bare witness to this easy listening record, that vibes to the fullest for fans everywhere.

Check out Thomas Tempest “London Calling” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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