Public Enemy – The Making of Fight The Power (Vevo Footnotes)

Public Enemy – The Making of Fight The Power (Vevo Footnotes)

Hip Hop has been known for its daring in your face attitude. A spirit to the music that takes charge of not only its fans but the world, as it’s unapologetic in its pursuit to bring the noise as well as awareness to real issues. One of the biggest reasons for that is Public Enemy. A group that because prominent due to its commanding rebellious sound, Chuck D’s powerful lyrics, and Flavor Flav’s fun charisma that brought balance to it all.

When “Fight The Power” was released it was a moment in not only black history but American history. Bringing that in your face energy in every facet of the record from the Farrakhan intro, Hank Shocklee’s production that just took over time, and the hard rhymes that were bold enough to say “F**k Elvis and John Wayne”. It also is a cultural piece being associated with Spike Lee’s legendary film “Do The Right Thing” that helped set the tone for the powerful black movement that took ver the late 80s.

Vevo’s Footnotes series takes us behind the scenes of this legendary art piece with the making of “Fight The Power” to give great insight on why it became great and why it’s so relevant even today. Check out the visuals below!

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