A quote I once read was “Anything truly worth writing about, is truly unexplainable”. That’s exactly how I feel about JUICE MENACEJUICE is a rarity in this game with a special sound, packed with that “It” factor that you can’t turn away from. It’s this special thing that makes her so undeniable and with her latest release “Pink Notes” she makes magic.

JUICE MENACE brings a stand out creative hustler anthem on the new song “Pink Notes”. JUICE lets her own special style shine and it pays off majorly for this special talent, as she has the infectious charisma of legends on this special body of work. It’s a record that is infectious and will have you listening repeatedly with her intriguing display of music being on full bloom to make fans out of the world.

JUICE MENACE’s “Pink Notes” is that amazing sound of music you need in your life. It takes you to the times of music being innovative and fun to discover, with a creativity that you don’t find just anywhere. JUICE is truly a star on the rise and I recommend getting on the wave now before she is out of this world.

Check out JUICE MENACE “Pink Notes”  below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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