Theres a lot to be said about a record that feels good to hear. Those records that just feel like the perfect pick me up when you need it most, while every aspect from the production, writing, to vocal performance being in divine harmony, with each other to make something that speaks to the soul. That type of experience of music is what you get from the collaboration from RIIIVER JORDAN and SENUA on the new song “Blessed and Free”.

RIIIVER JORDAN and SENUA continue to deliver the magic that their collaborations are known for on the new song “Blessed and Free”. The music able to capture great commercial appeal in the sound, as well a nice touch of R&B, and the smooth grooves of Afrobeats to make one work of art. The vocals are stellar at bringing the feel good lyrics to life, with a song that embodies the title to the fullest on this experience of music, that just feels like the perfect vibe you deserve to hear a long day as your mind runs free through it all.

That blissful energy that makes you fall in love with music is what this record serves up to you on a diamond platter that shines so right. They put their soul into the music and feel as such with an intimate experience of vibes that flow so effortlessly, to make a record you will want to keep wanting to hear on repeat, to take in all the good things this record has to offer.

Check out RIIIVER JORDAN and SENUA “Blessed and Free” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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