The Scarlet Opera – Big City Thing

The Scarlet Opera – Big City Thing

If there’s anything that gets you through, it’s music. Those records filled with good vibes and affirmations that keep you going, as they can bring sun to the most gloomy days. A group that always brings that type of music is The Scarlet Opera. An amazing group that music feels just as good as it sounds, with their latest release “Big City Thing” being one of those records.

The Scarlet Opera brings a feel good anthem that does wonders to the spirit on the new song “Big City Thing”. The appeal of the sound catches you right away, with a big sound that feels like the world was meant to hear it, and with the glow of the recording shining to the fullest you know they will. To take it to that mega level they bring a vocal performance full of energy to make sure you feel the lyrics in your bones, that will make you get out of your seat for this stand out jam..

The Scarlet Opera’s “Big City Thing” is that music that can not be denied for a single second. It’s the music that brings the world together, to enjoy life more with a fun energy to the sound that makes the world a better place. If you love good music that is exciting to hear, this song is perfect for you to dive into and enjoy.

Check out The Scarlet Opera “Big City Thing” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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