Maria Diebolt – I Wanna Feel Ya

Maria Diebolt – I Wanna Feel Ya

Music is something that truly has something for everyone. With so many sounds out there, it’s easy to find something you like. What’s even better is when a song gives you everything. When you can hear what you love from different genres, being put together in a song to make one must hear sound that stands out for you to love. That’s what you get from Maria Diebolt on her new song “I Wanna Feel Ya”.

Maria Diebolt brings an ultra smooth Pop smash that you won’t be able to get enough of on the new song “I Wanna Feel Ya”. The sound captures you right away as the music, genre bends to a high level as you get a healthy dose of R&B, Pop, and a nice touch electronic music to set the tone. With the tone set Maria’s vocals flourish to the fullest, with a masterful tone packed with soul, to deliver the lyrics to make you sure you feel it all just right on this record that doesn’t miss.

Maria Diebolt’s “I Wanna Feel Ya” is that impressive music that you hear and know the world love it. The appeal in the music shines through, with an amazing sound that transcends culture on what is a stand out sound like no other. She makes a record that not only sounds good, but one that feels just as good to make sure you’ll keep coming back to enjoy the vibes for time to come.

Check out Maria Diebolt “I Wanna Feel Ya” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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