Bugsy H. x Lord Willin – Berkley Heist (Prod by Ilario)

Bugsy H. x Lord Willin – Berkley Heist (Prod by Ilario)

Great emcees have always had a way of bringing a vision to life. Being able to paint pictures and tell stories with their words, that are vivid to the point you see it all so clearly as if you were watching it all play out on screen. That high level of artistry is what you get from this new collaboration between Bugsy H. and Lord Willin on the new song “Berkley Heist” produced by Ilario.

Bugsy H. and Lord Willin make a masterpiece over this Ilario produced by tracked called “Berkley Heist”. Every element does its part to make one cohesive vision and sound, with the production setting things up majorly with a great soul and string samples being put to work to lay the foundation for the rhyming that takes place. Taking full advantage of the the excess let their words fly with strong lyricism that comes alive more with every bar, as the conviction being put into the delivery to make it all hit home to make you see, feel, and the hear the music righteously.

Bugsy H. and Lord Willin’s “Berkely Heist” is a strong release that has something exciting for Hip Hop fans everywhere. The golden age approach shines through to make something super dope worth checking out, with the music being on point as well as the visuals to make it a complete body of work to explore for time to come.

Check out Bugsy H. and Lord Willin “Berkley Heist” produced by Ilario and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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