The Nike Boyz – Margiela

The Nike Boyz – Margiela

With music it’s now more important than ever to make music thats instantly engaging. Those records you hit play on and instantly hear elements in the music that grabs your attention to make you want to stick around and catch everything the music has to offer. Especially with a genre like Hip Hop that gets more crowded by the day, it’s truly nearly impossible to stand out but The Nike Boyz does that in a major way on the new song “Margiela”.

The Nike Boyz put on in a major way to bring an incredible swaggy piece of art to life on his new song “Margiela”. The group name alone builds intrigue and when you hit play he gives you all you could want and more. The production sets a masterful tone to make us stop to hear the music, with plenty of knock in the sound being met with a sample to keep us engaging. As the music pumps their presence shines through with infectious bravado to the approach thats enjoyable, as they bring the slick lyricism to life in the verses, and serves up the catchy hook to make it a complete hit.

The Nike Boyz “Margiela” is a hot record that is just on time to make fans of us all. It has that appeal to it that you hear and can recognize that this is a song that the world will know, with so much to love about the record that it packs major replay value. If you’re looking for an exciting record worth listening to you can stop your search as this supreme jam.

Check out The Nike Boyz “Margiela” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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