Black Raan – Burden

Black Raan – Burden

Nothing comes to a song that feels good to the soul. Records that are just filled with bright sounds and melodies working together to make one joyous sound, that does wonders to the spirit have long played apart in why we all love music, as well as last the times with us continuing to run to these records when we need a pick me up, or need to score some of the best times of our lives. That rich tradition of music is what shines in the new release from Black Raan on his new song “Burden”.

Black Raan works his magic to bring a major Reggae sound to light up the world on the new song “Burden”. This record is filled with enticing elements for the listener to fall in love with, as the layers to the music work in perfect harmony to make sure we keep dancing. The tropical Reggae approach brings the sun and water right to the listener to create an experience like no other, while Raan’s vocals do their work righteously to make sure we fill the energy of the writing to make it all complete for music lovers everywhere.

Black Raan’s “Burden” captures the magic of Reggae music perfectly to make a record worth every listen. It stands out in its quality with a master class of music being displayed in every aspect to make it a major listen, while also feeling so good to the point you can’t help but become a fan of this record that is sure listen.

Check out Black Raan “Burden” below and connect with him on Facebook. Stay Global my Friends!

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