To stand out in music especially a genre like Hip Hop, an artist has to have presence. Not only presence but a commanding energy to them that makes you get invested in their artistry, that present for us to buy into. That is what separates an artist who you only give one listen, and an artist who you start to keep up with and ZackThaMack brings that confident must hear approach that makes you want to stay connected with his new song “LOCKED IN FREESTYLE”.

ZackTheMack delivers a super dope record that doesn’t waste a single second on his new song “LOCKED IN FREESTYLE”. The production kicks things off for us with a hard sound in the percussion, that sets an exciting tone to make you vibe to the music. Once the tone is set Zack lets his talent go to work with a hard exhilarating flow that is exhilarating as it rides the waves of the sound with ease, while delivering the strong writing just right to make us all fans of the record.

ZackThaMack’s “LOCKED IN FREESTYLE” is that incredible music that fans can keep in rotation with an impossible to ignore sound. You can hear the music and know its great, as it gives you all you could want and more on this record that doesn’t slack to make sure it puts on for the culture majorly.

Check out ZackThaMack “LOCKED IN FREESTYLE” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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