Matt Luther – Alone

Matt Luther – Alone

Theres no denying that music is a thing of trends. Now more than ever you hear so many songs sounding alike as they all kind of blend together, leaving us all looking to hear something more. As music can be a copycat thing its the artists who are daring and innovative in their approach that stand out, and Matt Luther stands out in a real way with his new song “Alone”.

Matt Luther lets his new sound shine to make an emotive piece of art on the new song “Alone”. The music is daring in its approach in not only the sound but the pure emotion put into the record as well. Bringing a new age piano ballad to life, that bring the melancholy vibes necessary to feel the genuine soul put into the creative vocals. As you explore this new sound you also are able to dive into the writing that has strong depth and transparency, as he conveys his deepest thoughts that make you not only buy into the artistry but the man behind the music as well.

Matt Luther’s “Alone” is everything that music should be. It’s a creative piece that encompasses the art that music is, while also being something real that people can feel to make it timeless, with the pure emotion being put into the music being able to always resonate when you hit play. If you’ve been looking for that more in music like we have, then you owe it to yourself to listen to this special piece of audio now!

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