Hot Mustard – Butcher Block

Hot Mustard – Butcher Block

Music is always engaging when you are able to see the music just as well as you hear it. When you get an experience of music that has on the edge of your seat, as you follow the many intricacies that work together to tell an engaging story like no other. Thats what you get from Hot Mustard on the new release “Butcher Block”.

Hot Mustard delivers a super funky infectious sound that you cant help but enjoy on the new song “Butcher Block”. The approach to the sound is reminiscent of a score from a 70’s blaxploitation feel with blaring horns, matched with funky drums and bass lines that push things forward for this exciting body of work. Bringing it life even more with the visuals that keep us all invested on this cinematic touch, to make us all fans of this suer vision of music.

Hot Mustard’s “Butcher Block” is a gold standard display of artistry to give the world that more we are all looking for. It stands out in its own original sound with impressive instrumentation that works in perfect harmony to make one major sound, to keep us all coming back for the magic of it all.

Check out Hot Mustard “Butcher Block” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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