Azariel Fly – Comfort

Azariel Fly – Comfort

Something thats always enjoyable is that music with just the right vibe. Those smooth tunes you can hit play on and enjoy the sure experience that encompasses the art that is music, to make something worth all of our time. When you get music like that it serves as the perfect getaway for our minds to wander to and thats what you get from Azarial Fly on his new release “Comfort”.

Azariel Fly lives up to the title of his new must hear release called “Comfort”. The ultra smooth approach to the sound works wonders, bringing the ultimate vibe to get us invested in the artistry as soon as we hit play. For this stand out sound get a stand out performance from Azariel that packs flavor, giving the perfect blend of R&B soul and Hip Hop swagger, to make you enjoy the writing that much more that stands out in the verses and shines even more in the chorus, on this major record.

Azariel Fly’s “Comfort” is a record that delivers in the music and visuals to make us all in love with this incredible talent who does it all at a high level, to put the world on notice of this breakout artist. Everything about this release is supreme from the production, writing, and vocals that does their part just right to keep us all falling in love with music.

Check out Azariel Fly “Comfort” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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