Frau – Shoreline

Frau – Shoreline

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone had a great first week of the year and ready to have an even better weekend. For the first Friday of the year its a must we bring stellar releases that set the tone for not only the weekend, but for the year we hope to have, and the perfect release to showcase that is this new must hear release from Frau called “Shoreline”.

Frau starts the year off in exceptional fashion with their new fresh release called “Shoreline”. The warm pop and alternative rock infused sound sets the right tone, to make you slow down to catch the emotion in the sound that builds perfectly throughout to keep us all engaged. Flowing with the music you get to take in the vocals that are masterful in their tone, and conveying the right amount of emotion at every turn, to bring the amazing writing to life that shines in its articulation to make a song that truly clicks in every way.

Frau’s “Shoreline” is a major record that one listen will never be enough for. It’s magic in the music that makes fans of us all, with this sure experience of music that doesnt disappoint for a single second. The verses are well crafted and serves up the big time chorus to the fullest to make one cohesive sound that is truly supreme. If you’re looking for a record to get lost in this one will surely get the job done for you in a special way.

Check out Frau “Shoreline” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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