Sleepy Lexx – No Limit

Sleepy Lexx – No Limit

Theres no denying the subjectivity music will always have. Being a wide ranging art that is truly up to the listener, but something that is exciting is a song that is undeniable. A song that doesn’t waste a single second giving its all to the listener, to push one’s taste aside to just enjoy the mastery coming through the speakers. That’s what you get from Sleepy Lexx on the new song “No Limit”.

Sleepy Lexx brings an incredible display of music that will have you on the edge of your seat on the new song “No Limit”. The title is super fitting with an out of this world approach that has no bounds. The production sets the ultimate tone with engaging 808’s and bass that work together to make one major sound he takes u full advantage of. He raps with so much heart and you feel it as such as his hunger coming through in his flow, to give the lyrics morel life in the verses and even more in the chorus on this hit that doesn’t miss.

Sleepy Lexx “No Limit” is an exciting release for this special talent that does everything right to give the people something worth every listen. Its a fresh sound with great energy to it that lets you be a fan of this artist that goes to work, with a star presence to him that shines to the fullest on what is some of his finest work to date.

Check out Sleepy Lexx “No Limit” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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