Senua – If You Only

Senua – If You Only

One of the best experiences of music is the sounds you can get lost in. Those records filled with many engaging elements that work in perfect harmony to make something divine, that stops time for us all to get wrapped up in the magic of it. Especially in our present time when it’s not enough for a song to just sound good, but have an extra element to it that makes it connect with you on an emotional level to keep you coming back. Senua brings you that sure experience of music with her new song “If You Only”.

Senua brings a brilliant display of music full of unlimited vibes on the new song “If You Only”. It wastes little time getting you invested with an ultra smooth sound, laced with an infectious touch that makes you feel the music instantly. Shining like the star she is, she takes full advantage of the tone set, with a mastery in her approach that lets you feel the pure emotion in the heartfelt writing, that captures the spirit of love songs to perfection to make it all click to make one must hear sound worth being apart of.

Senua’s “If You Only” is the perfect exclamation mark to end the year and set up a promising year for this rising talent. It delivers musically in every way with the supreme vibe of the production going to work, the writing being amazing in its craftsmanship, and the vocals that sound like they were made for the world to hear, while also just feeling so good to hear to make it all truly major!

Check out Senua “If You Only” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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