Ice Meez – Fake Friends

Ice Meez – Fake Friends

It’s always good to hear presence when listening to a record. That energy given off by the artist, that makes you stop and take in what they’re doing, as they are undeniable in the approach. That commanding energy is a thing of stars and thats what Ice Meez has on his new song “Fake Friends”.

Ice Meez steps up and delivers on his new song “Fake Friends”. The production courtesy of Armani DePaul sets a great tone that he takes full advantage of with a classic sample flip that lets his flow shines in its power to it that pushes the song forward, as he maneuvers through this track with the right amount of flex and conviction to deliver. Lyrically it’s sharp and second to none, with each line being just as strong in its substance as the next to get this song to it’s rightful destination.

Ice Meez “Fake Friends” is bold and unapologetic display of Hip Hop that makes you respect his artistry to the fullest. You can’t deny him for a second as he boasts his lyrical prowess, in a real way for his fans everywhere. If you’re looking for a super dope record, you can end you search with this super dope artist.

Check out Ice Meez “Fake Friends” and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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