Artist Spotlight: Chakela Lepele

Artist Spotlight: Chakela Lepele

The Holiday season is soon coming to an end as we all our looking to hold on the great vibes of this season. So many great releases coming during this time to serve as the perfect soundtrack to these festive times, as well as the perfect statement to close out the years for many artists that we love. Chakele Lepele is able to achieve both things in a real way with the brand new release of his album “Paradise of my Thoughts”.

An 11 minute and 44 minute project that truly lives up to the title with the project sounding like the perfect get away for our minds to run away to. The blissful energy of the music is just on time with the magic in the approach swinging through majorly, with sweet melodies doing wonders to the spirit for every minute. His Afro Jazz approach stands out right from the opener “Fleeting Dreams” that has a nice tropical sound and magic piano chords that work perfectly with every rhythm, to give you every reason to stick around for the beauty of the project. Another stand out is a record like “Eternal Bliss” that really shines in its Jazz elements with a horn arrangement that doesn’t disappoint and danceable grooves throughout to really encompass the paradise being brought to life through sound.

Chakela Lepele’s “Paradise Of My Thoughts” is an amazing body of work that takes you on a musical journey for every record this project delivers. It’s easy listening music to the fullest with the music being done in exemplar fashion to leave the only work for us to throw on the music, and let it all flow through us for our enjoyment for time to come.

Check out Chakela Lepele “Paradise Of May Thoughts” below and follow him on Facebook. Stay Global my Friends!

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