Rokko Ca$h x Marshyn Cutler – Voodoo

Rokko Ca$h x Marshyn Cutler – Voodoo

Merry Christmas!!! Hope everyone has a good Holiday with family friends, as well as enjoy it to the fullest. To kick off today we have a smash of a release thats impossible not to enjoy with great vibes that are must hear. That song is this new release from Rokko Ca$h and Marshyn Cutler called “Voodoo”.

Rokko Ca$h and Marshyn Cutler come together for the ultra infectious jam called “Voodoo”. The sound does a brilliant job of genre bending at a high level bringing the soul of R&B, with the same bounce as Hip Hop, yet still packing the same appeal as Pop music. Flowing perfectly with the music you get to take in the vocals that are slick in the rapping, and smooth in the vocals to make you enjoy the great verses that are matched with a catchy chorus to make this record one you cant miss.

Rokko Ca$h featuring Marshyn Cutler’s “Voodoo” is a stand out release that the world will love. Everything is done in supreme fashion in the audio, as well as the visuals that perfectly aid in bringing this vision to life to make fans out us all. If you’re looking for an amazing expienrece of music to get invested in this one will surely get the job done for you in a real way.

Check out Rokko Ca$h featuring Marshyn Cutler “Voodoo” below and follow them on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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