Odi-Unknown – Pull Up

Odi-Unknown – Pull Up

Now more than ever you are able to enjoy the versatility of artists. Getting to hear so many great elements from one artist, to make one amazing cohesive sound. Odi-Unknown embodies this new wave of multi talented artist, on his new must hear release “Pull Up”.

Odi-Unkown brings a Hip Hop and R&B fused style together to make amazing music on his new song “Pull Up”. He brings a ultra smooth tone to his vocals, that has the swagger of Rappers, but yet the soul of legendary R&B singers before his time, that sounds good for every second. The playboy driven lyrics shine in their story telling, over this production that has the perfect bounce to it, that jams perfectly to make it music you can get lost in.

Odi-Unknown’s “Pull Up” is a smash of a record that connects in the music, as this star puts his full vision on display for the world to enjoy without limits. The artistry shines to the fullest, with a true master class of musicianship delivering to the fullest, and also brings that appeal to the approach to make sure it’s song that touches the world.

Check out Odi-Unknown “Pull Up” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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