MadFlo Jr – DNS

MadFlo Jr – DNS

Hip Hop is a genre of music that people come to not only hear music, but buy into an artist. hitting play on a record and seeing the person is the real deal, in their presence as they let their talent speak to us all to see if we stay invested in there artistry. With an artist like MadFlo Jr he doesn’t hesitate to let his flex be on full bloom and his latest song “DNS” is a stand out release for this promising creative.

MadFlo Jr lets his star power shine to the fullest om his new must hear record “DNS”. The slick trill vibe catches you instantly to give us something enjoyable, and MadFlo steps in to let his fresh style shine through. As the music pumps to set an engaging tone, you get superb rhyming in the verses that are slick and braggadocios in its approach, to serve up the catchy chorus that takes this record to another stratosphere, to make it a sure hit for fans everywhere to enjoy without limits.

MadFlo Jr’s “DNS” is a record that delivers in the music and gives you something entertaining in the visuals to make it a masterpiece like no other. Everything that makes you a fan of an artist is what is served on a silver platter with the charisma of stars, delivering in every facet to make us keep this one on repeat for time to come.

Check out MadFlo Jr “DNS” below and follow him on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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