Lolita – Chi-Chi Suelta

Lolita – Chi-Chi Suelta

With a art as subjective as music it makes the reasons why we all come to music so different. The way the music can grab you can be limitless depending on the feel but when the music catches you its nothing you can do about it. Especially when it is instantly engaging and has a sound to it that makes you feel good just from the energy of the music doing wonders to the soul. That type of music is what you get from this new must hear release from Lolita called “Chi-Chi Suelta”.

Lolita brings an ultra infectious sound to life on her new song “Chi-Chi Suelta”. The music is layered in danceable grooves that you feel instantly to mark you want to move in get lost in the party brought to life. Lolita is masterful in her approach at controlling the rhythms and pumping positive vibes into the listener to make a perfect storm of artistry that feels good to hear, while also packing appeal to make it a big time body of work you cant help but keep running back to.

Lolita’s “Chi-Chi Suelta” is an incredible record that does wonders to the soul to show the magic of Reggaeton music. You get an easy listening record that you feel in your spirit as something good, that you don’t want to end with every element working at a high level to make a song worth being lost in.

Check out Lolita “Chi-Chi Suelta” below and follow her on Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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